A lot of people are willing to invest on their lawn simply because it shares in some of their fondest memories. The lawn has a lot of functions in your home as well, as it is where you let the kids play, entertain guest, or just while away the day.

Athens Lawn Care

Beautiful lawns are masterpieces to be proud of. By providing adequate care to your lawn, you’re giving yourself a place where you can enjoy the day away while adding tremendous value to your home at the same time. But how do you make sure that your lawn looks its best all the time? It starts with using the right fertilizer on your lawn.

When to Add Fertilizers

Fertilizers have to be applied in the early part of spring as it is the time when the grass starts to become green again. Fertilize your lawn according to its needs. Choose the right type of fertilizer, which is usually based on the type of grass, you have and the climate that prevails in your locality.

Lawn seeds are usually a mix of various kinds of grasses. You’re going to need them to overseed your lawn in fall to prepare it for winter. Fertilization should happen in fall and spring or more frequently as deemed necessary.

How to Choose Lawn Fertilizers

There are all types of fertilizers available and you have to carefully choose the right one for your lawn. To help you with making the decision, read the label for instructions. Find out more about the nutrients that are included in the bag so you’ll know exactly what it can do for your lawn.

Also printed on the label is the proper way on how to apply the fertilizer. Keep in mind that no two fertilizers are the same. Don’t assume that you already know how to use the new bag that you just bought only because you’ve used something like it before. When it comes to fertilizers, quantity and frequency play a very important role.

When to Apply Lawn Fertilizers

Spring and autumn are the best times to apply fertilizer but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put some during the summer. However, never overdo it. As a matter of fact, you should entirely avoid fertilizing during the peak of heat of summer.

To apply fertilizer, a lawn spreader is normally used. Hand fertilizing is still done by some, but you must be very careful in doing so as it will lead to burns. Try to apply fertilizer on all parts of the lawn, but put special focus on parts that don’t get as much sunlight as needed. Rotary and broadcast spreaders are commonly used as well. Just make sure that you don’t put the fertilizer on the driveway, sidewalks, and streets.

Safety Precautions

When applying fertilizers, be sure to keep pets and kids away from the lawn. They shouldn’t come in contact with the grass for up to 48 hours. Know how the fertilizer work, such as if it is a slow-release or fast-release fertilizer. Slow release fertilizers are quite expensive. Fast-release produces immediate results but they are supposed to be applied more frequently in small amounts. Get Athens lawn care for more help in keeping your grass healthy.