It’s necessary for every homeowner to keep their homes ready for the effects of natural disasters like storms. It’s common to have your doors and windows reinforced to withstand the weather. But you also have to know that excessive standing water also puts your home at risk of pest infestation.

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There are many other things that attract pests to your home, even more, when it’s the rainy season. Hurricanes down trees and flood the soil. That’s the reason why insects seek some higher grounds or new shelters. That’s why they become uninvited guests to your home.

How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

You have to be prepared for whatever the rainy season brings. Know about the most effective pest prevention tips that can keep your home safe and sound even if the strongest rains come around. Do note that the effect of storms lasts for days after the last raindrop.

1. Ramp up your pest control efforts.

You’ll know when the hurricane seasons officially start by simply listening to the weather reports. When the day nears, be sure that you conduct a complete house inspection determine and address all structural problems. Note that impending storms can worsen cracks and water damage. But more importantly, you have to eradicate the possible breeding sites of pests like garden mulch and garbage cans.

2. Get rid of standing water.

Standing water after heavy rains can attract mosquitos, as that is their favorite breeding ground. Did you know that mosquitoes only need 1/2 inch of water in order to proliferate? If you don’t want any issues with mosquitoes, you have to see if there’s standing water anywhere around your property. Find out if all the possible places where flood water tends to collect. Don’t forget to check flowerpots, garbage can lids, and birdbaths. You should also make sure that your gutters aren’t clogged.

3. Clean your surroundings.

Flies and similar insects are attracted to spoiled food. Throw away all tainted food so you won’t invite rodents and flies into your home. The hurricane season causes power outages and that means some of your food may get spoiled. If any of your food had gone bad, dispose of them immediately and properly. Keep in mind that the favorite breeding ground of flies is rotting food. Flies are not to be taken lightly, as they may expose your family members a host of diseases.

4. Assess the extent of water damage, if any.

Water damage attracts termites, the pests that can slowly destroy your home. They will chew through the joists, walls, foundation, and flooring of your home. However, excessive moisture doesn’t just attract termites but also small insects that are also living underground like ants. To make sure that no pests get into your home, remove all rotting debris, as well as fix damaged and leaking pipes.

These are the things that you want to take note of to protect your property from pest infestation. For additional help, it’s best that you call a few reputable pest control companies Pasco to help you out.