After determining how to look for a builder, you also need to know what you must do before hiring one. Here are a few beneficial tips you should remember as you hire a pool builder to work for your dream pool.

Get in writing

You should refrain from hiring a builder if they can’t provide a contract. It’s extremely vital to thoroughly review and have both parties sign a contract before any work or before handing over payments or funds needed to be done. Ensure to get a copy of your contract together with the contact information of the builder like the email, phone number, address, and more. If ever you encounter a scammer without a contract, there’s little that can be completed after the fact. If a contractor refuses to give a contract in advance must be considered as a warning sign. You should at least spend their time with you, however, it’s time to look for another contractor to choose.

Better business bureau

In the business world, the very popular source of authentication is BBB. Regardless if it’s a small family run business or a large monopoly, you can find the majority of businesses here. You need to see and check always whether your builder has a rating. Otherwise, do a brief Google search to determine whether they have been gone through elsewhere.


While giving references on your job applications or resume has been lesser of a requirement, it is not a shocking request to ask from the builder you’re considering. A builder who’s well established, trained, and qualified will be glad to give this to you as their past clients are now their greatest promoters. Once a builder has a bad reputation, they won’t feel comfortable with this request. Request for a brief list of their past clients with projects the same as yours, who you can reach.

Permit Identification number

Any contractor that’s listed goes by the book are expected to get their Permit Identification Number, which can be verified and looked up at the clerk’s office of your local city hall. Simultaneously, you can confirm that your prospective pool builder is insured if ever something goes wrong as they install your pool.

Recommend your builder

Ultimately, when you wind up getting a good experience with the builder you chose to hire, remember that referral business plays a major role and percentage of how they acquire work. The greatest means of expressing gratitude for the dedication and hard work of your hard work is by referring them to your friends or family who is also planning to have a swimming pool in their own property. This won’t just provide them the chance to get more projects, but such opportunities will keep on coming as the continually grow as a company and provider.

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